Hey guys, Em here.

I just wanted to drop in and tell a quick story that just happened, like literally minutes ago.

As you know, there are protests all around the world happening in the largest Civil Rights Movement in history: BLACK LIVES MATTER. It is also Pride Month, where we honor and celebrate the LBTGQIAPK+ Community.

In celebration of both of those things, I posted the photo below of my Goodest Boy, Opie Winston, to the Facebook group: Golden Retriever Club (also “The Goldens”), with the following caption.

This is Opie. Opie celebrates the #BlackLivesMatter Movement and #PrideMonth. Be more like Opie.

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Within minutes I had my first racist comment. The tired old “All lives matter, get it right” bullshit. Another minute or two and I received, “Get that gay shit out of here.”

I blocked and reported both of them to Facebook. Though we know how Ol’ Zuck feels about freedom of dumb speech, so I doubt that brings any ramifications.

Seconds after hitting block, I get a notification that the admins of the group have removed my post and blocked me from the entire group. But guess what! The Racist and the Homophobe are still active members!

It’s not the first time I’ve been censored, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. I’ll keep yall updated.

I spoke with an Admin and they assured me that this was an error in judgement. They have since reinstated my membership to the group and allowed me to republish my photo and caption, with the comments turned off. That way none of us have to listen to racist, homophobic bullshit. Score one for the good guys.

…Now if we can just get Instagram to comply.

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