A Birthday Which Will Live in Infamy

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My 26th birthday is a day, which will live in infamy. It may seem uncouth to compare the inauguration to a day in which so many American’s lost their lives amidst a World War, but hear me out.

I fear many American’s are going to die. I’m genuinely afraid that an immature man-baby will send a 3 a.m. TWEET that will start the next World War.

Today, our nation swears in a prejudice, narcissistic, lying, cheating, rapist. What happened to us? How did we let this happen?

I have been mourning this day for months, but I still had hope that some loophole would be found, that this was all a giant political rickrolling. I was waiting for Ashton Kutcher to come around the corner and drop the Punk’D bomb.

But that never happened.

So many God-fearing people that I love were fooled by the devil in a bright orange mask. We’re all responsible.

I didn’t speak up enough. I didn’t ask those loved ones the tough questions. I have to live with a decision I allowed them to make.

I am scared.

As millennials, we were told our voices matter. We were raised believing we could change the world into one of love and acceptance. The generation that raised us with these values turned on us. They hypocritically elected a hate filled man who accepts no one unless doing so will make him richer.

This election was a giant leap back in time to a 1950s America where women are seen but not heard and people of color are forced to the back of the bus, or worse, back over the wall.

I will not be silent. I will be heard. I will make a difference.

Let’s face this together.


Blogger | 2x Gold Pyramid Winner | CMI Award Finalist | Lifetime Learner | Crafter of Words | Feminist | Liberal | LGBTQIAPK+ | Spoonie | Follower of Christ

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