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Friday, March 13th — Day 1

I woke up with a sense of dread, like the world was crumbling in around me. I haven’t even been back at work a week after testing positive for Flu A & B. I spent 2 weeks working from home, and it looks like that might become everyone’s norm.

By lunch I’ve worked myself into a full panic attack. Everyone at the office is on edge, and several have already grabbed their laptop and bounced.

My boss’s father is a Rheumatologist, so luckily he’s understanding when it comes to my…

Since the Trump Insurrection, this woman has been threatening to kill me. She has made dozens of fake profiles, many of which impersonated me, using my own photos of my nieces and nephews. She labeled me a child molester AFTER saying, “I hope your niece and nephew get raped,” to me. She is a felon with a criminal record a mile long, but posts photos and threats involving firearms.

I am NOT her first victim. She lives in Spring, Texas with her old ass sugar daddy husband, David Marshall. Her maiden name is Elizabeth Steckler. She usually goes by @lizmarshallfit…

The following is my Statement of Purpose submitted for my Doctoral admission application.

I was born with a hatred for violence. My mom says she and my dad watched Desert Storm footage while she labored with me in the hospital.

On Sunday, January 20, 1991, I came into the world screaming, and I haven’t stopped for air since.

When I turned two, Bill Clinton was promoted from Governor to President. On my tenth birthday, George W. Bush was sworn in. …

The first thing you need to do in order to begin incorporating social media giveaways into your marketing strategy is to audit your company’s existing social presence.








It doesn’t always make sense for a company to be on each and every platform that exists. Do a quick assessment of all existing accounts to decide if they are relevant to your business. Make sure there aren’t duplicate profiles. Next, decide if you want to create pages on any sites you’re not currently on.

Once you have decided which social media pages your business is…

Hey guys, Em here.

I just wanted to drop in and tell a quick story that just happened, like literally minutes ago.

As you know, there are protests all around the world happening in the largest Civil Rights Movement in history: BLACK LIVES MATTER. It is also Pride Month, where we honor and celebrate the LBTGQIAPK+ Community.

In celebration of both of those things, I posted the photo below of my Goodest Boy, Opie Winston, to the Facebook group: Golden Retriever Club (also “The Goldens”), with the following caption.

This is Opie. Opie celebrates the #BlackLivesMatter Movement and #PrideMonth. …

I have been sharing my fuckboy adventures on my Instagram page, @DatingTrAPPs, for several months. Prior to that, I would share them on my personal page, but they became so frequent that I made the decision to develop a dedicated space to share screenshots of my experience on dating apps.

Things were going fine for awhile, until last week when Instagram deactivated my page. I have sent dozens of emails and DMs to Instagram with no response, so I’m back on Medium to air my grievances.

I can’t know for sure what led them to censor me, as I woke…

He Already Fucked Up My 26th

Inauguration Day is on my birthday.

Growing up, I remember is as being a cool thing that happened. Some years, we got a new President on my birthday or recycled the old one.

On my second birthday, we welcomed the man who had been my Governor at birth, and one of the few successful democrats in my red state of Arkansas: Bill Clinton. On my tenth, we swore in the good ole boy from Texas, George Dubya Bush.

On my eighteenth birthday, I was moved to tears as the entire nation watched something happen that many believed impossible. Barack Obama…

The Empire Strikes Back

If you haven’t already read it, take a moment to look over my live blog of Episode IV: A New Hope. I’m doing this in the order the movies were released as per the advice of all of my friends.

Okay, you back? Refreshed and ready Episode 5 which-should-be-2-because-apparently-math-doesn’t-work-in-whatever-galaxy-this-whole-thing-takes-place?

Me neither.

Let’s go.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….


37 seconds: I’m already dizzy.

My 23&Me results said I am genetically predispositioned to experience motion sickness.

Oh he’s like a little jellyfish drone. Cute.

Motherfucker is riding a dinosaur-kangaroo.


Hunkison Ford is such a…

A New Hope

I am a middle class, 28-year-old, educated woman, and I have never seen Star Wars.

Get your gasps out now, please.

I take that back, one time we watched one of them in our 7th grade science class with Coach Jones, but all I remember about it is Yoda and the little furry, teddy-bear looking creatures.

I was probably sick and didn’t even see all of it, to be honest.

I also have a strong need to watch things in order without long breaks because I’m self-diagnosed OCD and my memory sucks. …

It’s been about two and a half years since my divorce was finalized, and I’ve been single for basically all of that time. So, I’ve spent a lot of time on various dating apps: Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, Ship, Match, POF…you name it, I’ve probably at least looked into it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m perfectly happy by myself. I in no way feel like I need a man, but I’m open to finding love again, and I still have a very strong desire to be mom. Unfortunately, that biologically requires a male participate in at least some capacity.

I was…

Emily Potter, M.A.

Blogger | 2x Gold Pyramid Winner | CMI Award Finalist | Lifetime Learner | Crafter of Words | Feminist | Liberal | LGBTQIAPK+ | Spoonie | Follower of Christ

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