Since the Trump Insurrection, this woman has been threatening to kill me. She has made dozens of fake profiles, many of which impersonated me, using my own photos of my nieces and nephews. She labeled me a child molester AFTER saying, “I hope your niece and nephew get raped,” to me. She is a felon with a criminal record a mile long, but posts photos and threats involving firearms.

I am NOT her first victim. She lives in Spring, Texas with her old ass sugar daddy husband, David Marshall. Her maiden name is Elizabeth Steckler. She usually goes by @lizmarshallfit…

Emily Potter, M.A.

Blogger | 2x Gold Pyramid Winner | CMI Award Finalist | Lifetime Learner | Crafter of Words | Feminist | Liberal | LGBTQIAPK+ | Spoonie | Follower of Christ

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